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Of leg warmers, books, colds, and such…..

Posted on: November 29, 2008

So I’m hoooooome!

Its been nice… very relaxing. I’ve spent a lot of time loafing around and watching TV. I also bought a new sweater, some really nice socks, and cute pair of leg warmers. Yes, leg warmers….. I know, I know… its soooooooo ’80s, but I live in Chicago and have to deal with like…. 5 more months of winter. I wanted to shake things up a bit. Plus, I think they’re cute!

I’m disappointed with how unproductive I’ve been this entire weekend… no week, really. Tomorrow I will hop on my flight back to the Midwest and I will have no more knowledge of Biochemistry and Respiratory Physiology than when I left. Unfortunate.

In my defense however, I have been battling a severe cold for the last couple of days. I started coming down with it on Monday night and it was getting progressively worse all the way up to like, yesterday. I let myself get lots of rest because I didn’t want to stress myself out on my vacation, and also because I really don’t want to carry this cold back with me to Chicago. I want to get the illness over and done with…. I can’t stand lingering colds.

I also managed to start and finish The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, which was an interesting read.

It was very…. masculine. I heard his next book is also about modern day Afghanistan, only told in the perspective of two women. I may read too, just to see how it turns out…. he writes like such a dude.

There was a bit of good news during the week, though! I found out that I made the Executive Board for one of the student clinics! Awesome, I know! I’m actually quite excited about it…. I think I will have a lot of fun. I’m also running for the position of Admissions Chair in our SNMA chapter.

Its a position that I think is very important, but apparently nobody wants to do. Probably because of the amount of thankless work that it involved. I was going to go for VP, because I think I would make an EXCELLENT VP (and I really do, I’m not trying to float my boat), but…. everybody and they mama is going for it, and I don’t want to enter a catfight. Also, I don’t want the Admissions Chair position to go to someone who will just slack on it. It doesn’t seem like any of my other classmates are particularly enthused about it.

I also think that its a good position that will help me get my organization skills up to par, because they’re pretty abysmal right now. Anyways, I’m going to try and get some studying done…. in about an hour my family will be leaving to pay a visit to my Auntie.

Well…. until next time….. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


4 Responses to "Of leg warmers, books, colds, and such….."

Hey, I just wanted to say your blog is hilarious, I was wondering have you decided on what kind of doc you want to be?
I could not find it anywhere.

Nope… not yet. Right now, I’m interested in OB/GYN and Emergency medicine. I heard most people end up changing their mind, so who knows????

That’s cool Emergency med???
That’s on my list as well,
(pathology, infectious diseases, etc)
I’m pre-med for now but I really want to go to Illinois or PA .
Is it true that it’s dangerously too cold 😦

It’s called “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, right? I considered getting it for my friend this Christmas because she enjoyed “Kite Runner”.

I’m actually glad some really practical things are in fashion this winter! Now I can look vaguely attractive this season.

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