A Black Female Medical Student

Posted on: March 26, 2009

I just got the score back to the last test I took, and I passed. I was a little bit concerned about it because I felt myself falling asleep during the test. I’m just happy because my grades this quarter have just been soooo much better than they were last quarter. I feel like I’m actually on top of things now.

Hopefully I continue to improve in the next quarter, and then I can go into 2nd year starting stronger than I started this quarter.

I’m back in Chicago now, and aside from chilling with my roomie and my semi-significant other (I’m just going to call him SSO), I have just been loafing.

Tomorrow, SSO and I are going to a museum!

Tonight, I’m just going to chill at home and do laundry. And clean up. Cuz my room is a mess.


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Nice to have you back after the hiatus.
Keep on going strong 🙂

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