A Black Female Medical Student

Posted on: April 16, 2009

I know I’ve been slacking on the posts… really, I know. I’ve just been so busy, its insane! I just got back from New Orleans for the SNMA conference which was just so much fun. I saw many of my friends from undergrad, met lots of new people, went to a couple of toursity spots, walked down Bourbon St at 3am (which is the craziest place… ohmigoodness… I saw so many bizarre things, most notably being an old man in a wedding dresses staring at me and my friends while playing with his nipples), and I learned some interesting things. The workshops were great. I even got head start on planning my study schedule for Step 1.

HOWEVER, all good things must come to an end and when I got back to Chicago… OH MY GOODNESS. Reality came rushing back hard. I am on the committee to help plan our school’s Second Look weekend and that comes up this Saturday. I have clinic duty tonight, I have to meet with my research advisor tomorrow morning with a completed literature review for my summer research project (which I have yet to do…. AHHH!),  I’m STILL trying to work out all the issues with my car, and on top of all that, I have a Neuro test next Tuesday to study for. Its a balancing act, and my non-existent organization skills are being tried and tested.

And then there’s the added stress that is my romantic life. Sigh….

Yeah, my life is jumbled mess. I prayed to God to help me this morning, and I know He’s working on my behalf.

Ideally, clinic will be very short tonight giving me time to study and complete my lit review, and I will completely rock out my Neuro test on Tuesday.

Mhmm….  🙂


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  • abeja: Just found this blog skimming seems interesting...
  • Tashawna: Hey, Im a freshman in college and have been skimming through a few of your blogs. I just wanted to ask you some questions on how you got into medschoo
  • blackgirlmd: No she wasn't scared. Like I said, I think she already knew. My hours are cool. I have about four 8-hr shifts every wk which is pretty chill. Wayyy be


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