A Black Female Medical Student

I love me some Toni….. :-)

Posted on: April 30, 2009

This has been such a hectic week for me. Its all my fault. I went ahead and had a really chill weekend without checking my schedule for this week. Turns out I should have been doing some extra prep/studying/work during the weekend to make things easier for me during these last couple days.

I’m making it, even though Thursday promises to be just as crazy as today.

I got up and went to go shadow in an adolescent ob/gyn clinic in the morning from 8-12pm, then I had to run and eat a really quick lunch and then go volunteer at this blood drive that SNMA helped to sponsor from 1-2. After that, I ran some errands, then ran home to pick up a paper I had forgotten this morning, and then ran back to school to meet some people so I could make it over to the education session that I help run at a battered women’s shelter in the city. That was from 6-9pm. After that, I came right back to campus to study for my Genetics test and prep for the meeting I have with my summer research mentor.

I have to do all this on campus because the cord to my laptop decided to break on me last night (insert eye roll here). I won’t have time to replace it till the weekend, so I guess it more of the library for me. Yay.

But yeah, my day is pretty much over now. I’m going to start heading back home, and then I’m going to eat (cuz I am staaaaaaarving), and then I’m going to bed.

Oh and I loooooooooooove Toni Braxton. She has been on repeat in my Zune for the past couple days. 🙂


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