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Clinic Tonight, Neuro Tomorrow… I’m Excited!

Posted on: May 13, 2009

I have a Neuro test tomorrow. I’m in the library now, about to begin my first leg of marathon studying. Then I’m going to clinic tonight, and when I get back, I’ll start my second leg. I’m excited about clinic tonight. I’ve trained myself to think of clinic as fun, as a stress reliever, as a form of relaxation.

Oh when I say clinic I mean the clinic the the medical school runs at the battered women’s shelter. I am on the board, and we have the obligation to lead clinic twice per quarter.It’s crazy how I somehow always manage to get clinic on the night before a test. Like, it almost never fails. Its okay though.

I’m sure that I’ll do well on Neuro tomorrow. To me, the material isn’t all that complicated, its just that its a lot of it. It was worse in the beginning of the year when I had like ZERO memorization skills. Now that I’ve developed some (through some SERIOUS trial and error) things aren’t nearly as bad.

TIP: One trick that I use to memorize details is that I make questions. Whenever I go through a slide or reading material, rather than just taking notes, I always create questions on whatever important points that I want to take away from the source. At the end of my first run through of material, I usually have like…70-100 questions to go through. I then quiz myself, and for whichever one’s I get wrong, I make sure to go back and re-read that section/slide. Then I go through the questions again. Its a quick and dirty way to practice for the test AND is especially helpful in remembering convoluted and random facts that are seemingly unrelated; you will constantly encounter stuff like that in medical school lol.

But yeah. For some reason doing questions just makes things stick better lol.

Anyways, enough of that. Gotta get back to studying.

On the side note. Me and The Boy are on the rocks. I’m so irritated with him now, its not even funny. But I’ll probably write more on that tomorrow, after I’ve slain The Beast that is Neuro Test #2.

Tata for now!


1 Response to "Clinic Tonight, Neuro Tomorrow… I’m Excited!"

Oh its getting juicy lol!!!
I totally agree with your review and question method, It helps things stick and makes it fun to study because I know sometimes it can be a drag.
Good luck on your test, I’ll be rootin for ya!

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