A Black Female Medical Student

So my summer research program is over, the pipeline program is over, and school will be starting back up in a few weeks. I’m still in Chicago, I have to make few more edits to my paper before its ready to submit for publication, and also I want to do some painting in my new apartment before I leave.

I’m excited about the painting. I bought a really cute red couch and loveseat last month, and I’m going to do an accent wall in the living room in purple. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise… its going to be really cute and funky. 🙂

I’m also going to paint the kitchen this really light olive green. I was thinking yellow at first, but I read that too much yellow is actually an irritant. So I decided to be safe and go  with green. The purple is already risky enough.

I haven’t decided which color to paint the bedroom. I’m thinking probably some thing earthy and brownish. But yeah, I’m really excited. My friends think I’m doing to much, but I know its going to be worth it. Especially when the winter comes. When it gets dark and gloomy and cold outside, its going to be nice to have a pretty vibrant place to come home too.

That’s another thing about medical school. Lol… its like you work really hard, so you’re not ashamed about spoiling yourself. Like, with me and shopping. During my first year, I probably spent a whole bunch of money on those post-test shopping expeditions. I guess it was a stress reliever or something.

That probably won’t happen as much this year because a.) I have too many clothes, and b.) I’m more interested in buying cute things for my new place than clothes right now, haha, but it is a bad habit that I’m going to try to be more aware of, lol.

Okay, I’m going to get back to work. A few of us are going to Six Flags next week and I want to try and get as much stuff done today as possible.


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