A Black Female Medical Student

Trying to come to terms about how much your life sucks

Posted on: September 5, 2009

So… I was on facebook today and I was looking at pictures, looking through profiles, etc. and once again it hit me how different my life is from undergrad. And I started to think about how much my life sucks in comparison, lol… but then I thought about it a little bit more.

Undergrad was soooo much fun. I talk to pre-med college students and I hear often about how much they wish they were in medical school and how medical school must be so great… and you know, it is. There is much to be appreciated about being a medical student. However, there is also much to appreciate about being in college and I really realize that until it was over (isn’t that how it always is???).

That being said, I’m having fun in medical school. At first I was going to post about coming to terms with a sucky life (hence the title), but in truth, my life does not suck. Yes, it is pretty stressful, with lots of work involved and whatnot, but I’ve met great people here in medical school and I learned a lot about myself. I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would have been able to do, and my horizons have been broadened considerably since I left Hampton.

So… no. Life does not suck in medical school.

Actually I talk to many of my classmates and they talk about how much harder they worked in undergrad and how they have so much fun in medical school. I probably wouldn’t say that was the case for  me, because I definitely did my share of partying in undergradl. Not as much as some other people, but I did a bit. Now, the partying is a little farther and fewer in between, but its still there.

First year was an opportunity for me to do a lot of growing up mentally, and I really appreciated it. My confidence took quite a few hits at times when I was going through those rough periods, but after I made through them, it grew exponentially.

Now I’m at this sort of crossroads with trying to figure out what I want, or what do I really want.  But that’s an entry for another day.

But yeah. Medical school does not suck. So much. 🙂


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