A Black Female Medical Student

Ahh!!! Midterms!!!

Posted on: October 26, 2009

Just stopping in to post because I realize I’ve been MIA.

This week is midterms and I am working hard. Very hard.

Lol… I’m all about positive affirmations now (click on it!) so you won’t hear me say anything else than that.

My birthday is this Thursday…. (also the day of my Pharm midterm and the day before my Micro midterm and 4 days before my Pathology midterm) and I’m turning 22! Deuce-Deuce, Baby! I’m so crunked!


I don’t really have anything planned.

Kinda hard to plan for a birthday when you’ve got 80+ drugs to memorize, along with a whole bunch of microscopic critters, and ummm…. random Pathology details.

But my boyfriend has been teasing me about the gift he got me for weeks now…. I’m really curious to see what it is, so that’s something to look forward to. I know its something that can be bought on Amazon, but thats all I could figure out. Despite all my snooping.

But yeah, nothing else really happening. I’m just studying my life away.


Monday after the Path midterm will be AWESOME. I. CANNOT. WAIT.


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