A Black Female Medical Student

Posted on: April 6, 2010

I know its been a while, and I’m sorry.

I always lose my drive to write in the winter lol. I think its that seasonal affective disorder thing.

So…. what’s new.

I’m at the end of my second year. We’re wrapping up the last module, and then I start studying for boards. More on that later.

This last wknd was the national SNMA conference, and it was held in Chicago. It was great! I had so much fun, I saw so many of my friends from undergrad and different summer programs that I did. I also ran for a regional position and I won! Yay…I know. Its a lot of responsibility that I have now, but I think that I should be okay. I look forward to getting more involved with SNMA.

As far as board studying. Wow. I succumbed to the pressure and went ahead and tried to start studying early. Bad idea. I don’t know anything! I mean, I know I know more than I think I know, but it doesn’t feel like that. I keep doing questions and I keep doing questions. I wanna laugh, but I almost feel like crying.

Its stressful thinking about the boards. Our school generally does very well, but its still very frightening to think about you know?

And we had our lottery meeting today, which is just another can of worms.

Ah well.


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