A Black Female Medical Student

It just got real….

Posted on: April 19, 2010

So the lottery results were posted.

I have Surgery in the summer till From June til September, 12 weeks. Then I have Family Med, Neurology, and Psych, all 4-week rotations, in that order, from September til December. In January I start off with Medicine, which is a 12 week rotation. And from April til June I have Peds and OB/GYN. Peds is an 8 week rotation, but I have it split up, so I’ll have 4 weeks of Peds, then 4 weeks of OB/GYN, then another 4 weeks of Peds.

Yes, its an interesting schedule.

I guess it will work out for me. I start off with Surgery, which is good. I’m not really interested in it, supposedly its easy to do well in (even though they will work you like a dog). I plan to do it up at one of the satellite hospitals. At least, I’ll do the Gen Surg part up there, because I like the fact that you see more diverse cases, and the hotel that they put us up in is so close to the hospital. We’re required to do subspecialty rotations here at our home instititution, which is what I would prefer to do anyway.

I’m pretty ambivalent about having Family, Psych and Neuro during fall quarter. I mean, I’m not really interested in any of those. I look forward to doing Family because its all outpatient, and I don’t think I’ve really gotten exposure to that so that will be nice. I’m also happy to have been exposed to Family Med prior to Medicine. Even though I heard the Family rotation is kinda hard core here, that’s even better b.c. I’ll just be better prepared.

The only thing I’m uncertain about is whether to schedule my Emergency clerkship during my 3rd year or not. At our school its a required rotation in your 4th year, but if you have an interest in it you can schedule your rotation in your 3rd year and switch it for either Family or Neurology. I would have preferred to have my Family and Neuro rotations scheduled later on in the year so that I could have both Medicine and Surgery behind me, which would allow me to be better prepared for Emergency Med if I chose to do it early, especially since I would be doing it around mostly 4th years, who have loads more experience than I do. But then again, I’m also interested in Urology, to which we have absolutely NO scheduled exposure in our 3rd year or 4th year, so we’ll see.

Anyways, I think it will work out.

Actually having a rotation schedule is a little scary. As one of my classmates aptly put it, “shit just got real.”

I’m just going to head along to bed now. Long day in front of me tomorrow.


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