A Black Female Medical Student

Posted on: May 30, 2010


It doesn’t even feel like Memorial Day wknd. I should be tootin’ it up at some all-white party right now, look all sexy and isht. But no, I’m sitting here trying to blow the fog out of my brain.

In other news, I’m becoming more dependent on food. I just went to the grocery store and bought all the chips and ice cream I could get my hands on. Its not really problematic, I wanna gain some weight. I freaked out mid-quarter b/c I was gaining weight unintentionally, but I looked at my booty in the mirror today and it looked disappointingly flat. I need get some of that junk back in my trunk.

Less than 2 wks til the THE TEST. I’ll be happy when my life can get picked back up again and start 3rd year. Its weird. All this time I’ve been looking at Surgery as this future blip in my life, where I would have nothing going on in life except apartment/hospital. Now that I think about it, I don’t think it has to be like that. I mean, board study wasn’t like that. Or it hasn’t been so far. I spend a lot of time in the library, but that was by choice, because I want to score above the average. I plan to do a lot of work when I start Surgery, but I’m going to make sure I have at least one day off for the weekend. Similar to what I did for the boards.


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  • abeja: Just found this blog skimming seems interesting...
  • Tashawna: Hey, Im a freshman in college and have been skimming through a few of your blogs. I just wanted to ask you some questions on how you got into medschoo
  • blackgirlmd: No she wasn't scared. Like I said, I think she already knew. My hours are cool. I have about four 8-hr shifts every wk which is pretty chill. Wayyy be


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