A Black Female Medical Student

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Okay so here I am. On Family Medicine. Today ended pretty early. Tomorrow will end pretty late. I would like to get a few things done today. Namely, get some reading done, edit my PS for my MPH application, and get an early start on the presentation I have next week.

I ran into a couple of fourth years over the past couple days. They are so funny. Their perspective is hilarious.

My new crush texted me today. Or yesterday. I really have no idea when b/c my phone was off for a minute. He put a smiley face in the body of the message…. which also made me smile. 🙂

I don’t know how excited to be, b/c to be honest, the idea of getting to know another guy has me weary. I mean, b/c u do all this work, you invest all these emotions, you give all this love…. but i don’t know. we’ll see. i’m attracted to a few different people right now, so if it works out, it works out. if it doesn’t…. oh well. one guy i’m attracted to, i’m totally incompatible with anyways. we disagree on everything.

Lately i’ve felt the desire to just date around a lot. Especially while I’m still young and vibrant. kind of sow my oats so to speak. Then I feel like I would be able to settle down and just focus on a husband and on making us happy.

If I’m not being worked to death during residency that is.


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