A Black Female Medical Student

Once Again… Not in Kansas anymore

Posted on: September 11, 2011

Its like Deja Vu…..

think I wrote a similar “Not in Kansas Anymore” post when I first moved to Chicago.

I was making the move from the HBCU environment to the elite private university environment and feeling the effects.

Now I’m making the change from the elite private university environment to here, and I’m feeling it again too. I thought I knew how to handle this already. Sigh.

So today I went to BBQ being hosted by one of the students at the business school. It was a pig roast. Where they get a pig from a farm or someplace, kill it, put it in a roasting box and roast it. Never been to one before, I think its something that rich white folk with a lot of time on their hands do. I have pics…. I may post them, I may not. The way this yr is starting off, I think this blog needs to stay private. I feel like I will be doing a lot of venting on here.

Anyways, at this pig roast, I was the only black person for about 2 hrs. I felt very conspicuous. I don’t feel like these people really hung out with a lot of black people (well I guess that’s obvious) and I definitely felt like I had to consciously try to make myself come off as relatable to them. It was weird.

Anyway, a black dude showed up, he went to the business school too. I was introduced to him, everyone exchanged pleasantries, and then I continued to mix and mingle. Awhile later, I ended up mixing and mingling my way over to a conversation and that the Black Dude happened to be partaking him. He had a friend with him this time, we’ll call him White Dude. And White Dude asked me how I knew Black Dude or how long we’d know each other or something. I said I didn’t really know him at all. Just met him today. Awkward laugh.

White Dude starts trying to talk up Black Dude. Saying he’s such a great guy, really smart, totally awesome, etc. Like he was trying to wing for him or something, except it was painfully obvious. Get Black Dude and the Black Chick together. Like Barack and Michelle. Heathcliff and Claire. Will and Jada. I think White People love and support Black Love just as much as we do. Black Dude looked so uncomfortable. Mumbles something incoherent and  makes himself scarce.

I mean, I guess the situation wasn’t THAT awkward, but Black Dude looked like he’s down with the swirl. He just gave off that vibe if it makes any sense. Honestly, I think it bothered him that his friend pretty much assumed he was tryna get at me. I dunno why though… I’m really cute. 😉

Anyway that was that. I made some friends, but I feel like B-school students are just draining to be around. Kind of like law students. They’re really stuck on themselves.

So that was that.

Last night I went to this rockin’ party. I would have had a blast if I was dressed appropriately. Speaking of such. Boston has some gorgeous black chicks. And some really hot black guys. I’m going to have to step my game up if I want any play.

Okay, I’m done. Going to bed. It’s late. G’nite.



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