A Black Female Medical Student

The Weeknd is here :-)

Posted on: September 23, 2011

So I have this BIG paper due next month. I know, it seems really far away, but I just have this feeling like my life is about to get crazy. Like this is the calm before the storm. So I want to try to get started on it early.

But either way I think I found my topic. Yay! **does the cabbage patch and then tries to do the Worm**

I’m a little bit excited. I’m going to try to get a publication out of it. Or at least some sort of presentation. I did a preliminary search of the literature and there is not **THAT** much stuff on it out there. I’m going to have to do the search on the school server tomorrow b/c I don’t have access to as many journals from home and I haven’t filled out the proxy stuff yet.

But I saw some interesting stuff. I’m really interested in translating research into policy, and I found some interesting stuff that I hasn’t been explored too much just yet. I do have to try to figure out what area of the country to focus my efforts on… I’m thinking maybe Boston, because I did see some policy proposals from some people out here and the stuff they’re talking about it is pretty much along the same lines that I’m thinking. I have a connect at the public health dept over here so I’m going to follow up on that. But I need to do some background reading first. I think I will prob try to finish the lit review by next week this time. I would have liked to do it this weekend, but I have way too many obligations this weekend. So next week it is. BTW I think I’m going to have a really fun weekend. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

Also, I think I’m going to end up in EM. I was really thinking OB/GYN, but I don’t think I need to be in the OR to be happy, but I do need adequate amounts of sleep and a vibrant and varied life and career outside the hospital to be happy. EM is also just a much more diverse and flexible field. If I get tired of the stuff I’m into now, I could always just reinvent myself as something else you know. I am a little concerned about the shift work, I’m not pleased with the idea of working nights and having little control over my schedule but I think the idea of having obscenely early mornings for the rest of my life bothers me more. I am not a morning person at all. Like there are few things that I hate more in life than waking myself up at 4am. So why was I considering OB/GYN again…? Well, to be honest, its just such an awesome field. Its the first field I could really visualize myself practicing in. And I think I have a strong aptitude for it. I had so many young cool doctors as my attendings. And I just love women. I love working with them and helping them with their problems, and helping them feel better! And I love babies! See… its such a hard decision…..

With EM, I thinking that I may end up going into Peds EM, even though its a paycut, since I luh the kids and all… but we’ll see. I really hope I’m blessed enough to marry a rich hubby so I don’t have to worry about money at all.

Wouldn’t that be nice…..

Okay. Its late. I’m going to bed. God bless


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