A Black Female Medical Student

My first gala :-)

Posted on: October 22, 2011

Last night I went to a gala celebrating the achievements of this absolutely PHENOMENAL black female doctor, Dr. Prothrow-Stith. Homegirl is an HBCU alum, Harvard-trained doctor, and the FIRST female Public Health Commissioner in Massachusetts. I mean, she is just amazing. I love seeing and hearing from people like her. They just inspire me. I totally want to be like her one day.

Plus… she is 1/2 of a fierce power couple. Her husband is the ambassador to Zimbabwe and promotes democracy in Africa. I mean…. how fierce can you be? I mean seriously. LOL.

In other news… my birthday is next week! I finally figured out what I’m going to do to celebrate.

I’m going to have dinner at a Senegalese restaurant in South End… I’m not Senegalese, but I am West African and I MISS food from home SO MUCH. It will be nice to enjoy some African food on my b-day. Also, I want to support a fellow African. Its also UBER-convenient cuz the place is down the street from my favorite club in Boston… At first I was going to try to find a more… diverse club (this place is mostly black), but I figured… whatever. Eff it. It’s my b-day. I’m going to go some place where I know I will have fun. My b-day is gonna be right after midterms, and I know I’m gonna want to let loose! Plus the place has chairs and tables that are open to everyone and it stays open late.

I also found my b-day dress. Its really cute and even more importantly, its cheap.

So everything is coming together nicely. 🙂

Well. Not everything.

Remember that dude that I posted about? The one who I was disappointed about… and then it was like “haha… just kidding!” and he asked me out? How about he didn’t call me after our date? *angry face*

I even went the extra mile and sent him a nice line via text yesterday. Just a “hey. how u doin” type thing. NO RESPONSE! Who does that? I mean the polite thing to do would be to at least say “hey. I’m fine.” Argh… men! I mean… we didn’t have the greatest date, but it was decent. It certainly wasn’t terrible lol.

Plus he’s acting like I’m not going to run into him eventually… this city is too small, plus we know a lot of the same people. Well. Whatever. I’ve moved on. Like I said… he’s not as cute as I initially thought he was anyway. I was wearing vodka-tinted glasses when we met. LOL. 😛

Anyway… I’m done for tonight. Love and kisses to you all!


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