A Black Female Medical Student

Life is funny.

Posted on: February 15, 2012

So I’m going back to the place I called home for 3 yrs before I moved to where I am now. I’m so excited. I’ve been g-chatting my friends all day. All: “Tomorrow’s the day! Are you excited?”

Even though I’m sad cuz I’ve missed them, it makes me feel kinda good cuz they’ve missed me too. Its all love over here.

My ex will be there. He texted me yesterday saying he missed me and he would be excited to see me. We talked last week and I was griping about how I haven’t been out on a date in so long. He offered to take me out, which was sweet of him. At the same time it was a pathetic look for me. lol. But its so funny how things happened, I was complaining about all of that, and then I turn around and get asked on 3 dates within 1 week. But I’m too busy to go on any of them, so supposedly I have 3 dates scheduled for next wk. Life is funny. Hence the title.


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