A Black Female Medical Student

I am sooooo beat. I need to have this first draft of my grant application into my advisor tomorrow, and I have like 1/2 a page written. It needs to be 5 pages (yeah its a small grant… my first one!). That’s what I get for pushing things to the last minute.

I may have to skip class (again) tomorrow morning and just power it out when I wake up tomorrow morning. I *really* wanted to have at least the background figured out and written tonight though. Ugh…. :-/

I have way too much stuff going on.

So tired.

When I started the MPH, I thought it was gonna be this chill easy thing! Sorely mistaken. I’m working pretty hard. I’m just hoping it ends up being worth it in the end. I *really* do.

Whatever, I have 2 more wks til midterms and then I’m going to do some traveling to spend some time with friends and family. I just gotta make it through these next couple of wks.



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  • abeja: Just found this blog skimming seems interesting...
  • Tashawna: Hey, Im a freshman in college and have been skimming through a few of your blogs. I just wanted to ask you some questions on how you got into medschoo
  • blackgirlmd: No she wasn't scared. Like I said, I think she already knew. My hours are cool. I have about four 8-hr shifts every wk which is pretty chill. Wayyy be


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