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Hey! I know… its been awhile. Its actually been super busy. Immediately after finishing my home EM rotation I went across the country to do my away rotation. Now I’m back home, on a really chill rotation, waiting for interviews to come in. 

I am happy to say I have been fortunate enough to get a couple of really great interviews! Its still somewhat early for the EM application process, but every interview I have has been at a place I think I would be really happy to be. 

The applying for residency is such an introspective (and expensive) process. When I submitted my application (and forked over a massive amount of money!), I really had to ask myself, why are you submitting an application here? Is this a place you would really be happy over the next 3-4 years? 

I must say, my perspective has changed markedly since starting the application process! I started the application pretty sure I wanted to be in a certain type of program (academic), now I have no idea what type of program I would like! 

Its difficult because I feel like I certain goals outside of medicine that I don’t want to be distracted from or lose momentum for over the next few years. I have a deep interest in addressing some of the social aspects of medicine, given the large impact they can assert on care. My experiences in my public health program only deepened that! When I initially started the application process, I thought I wanted to be at a program that would give me the best clinical training possible… point blank and period. Now, I think I want a program that will help me develop all aspects of my career in residency, not just the clinical aspects. 

I would love to get started on community programming, or a policy-oriented project while in residency. But if I were to go to a program that has me clocking 13-14 hrs days regularly, where will I find the time? Or more importantly for me, the energy? I know people say you can make time for what matters to you, and I care about service and policy enough that I know I will at least try to get substantial work underway during residency. However, I know myself. I am not one of those people with an overflowing well of energy. My energy level is quite finite. Basically I’m saying, I know what burnout feels like, and I don’t want to feel that again lol. 

Location is also a major issue to me, I’m almost embarrassed to say. There are some top programs in EM that I didn’t even bother applying to because of the location. It’s really important to me that I have a decent social life. Add to the fact that I am currently single and looking, I knew that I must be in a major city or at least close to one!

And I’m looking for diverse faculty, good opportunities for mentoring, access to underserved populations, and interests in critical care and international medicine that I would love to explore more during medicine… sigh. Its a lot of things to think about! 

But yup… that’s where I am right now. 



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