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Posted on: August 6, 2008

Insomnia sucks. *cries*

And I am soooo tired…. however, I can’t sleep. I had a nice (although long) day today. I got walk around my new neighborhood for a bit and I even stopped in the grocery store and bought some grapes. Grapes are great at cheering people up…. usually. I had never had any person refuse an offer of grapes until today. I offered them to my roommate and she refused…. said it was bad for her voice.

So weird…. my throat is slight sore now. Huh…..

But seriously, try offering grapes to a person who is unhappy about something…. it generally will work in your favor.

Tomorrow I will begin my third day of medical school classes. As nerdy as it sounds, I kinda love it thus far, lol. I live in Barack Obama’s neighborhood, Chicagoans are (for the most part) intelligent and friendly, and THERE IS GREAT SHOPPING HERE. Seriously, I cannot wait until this wknd when I can go downtown and spend more money. ***preens… Bill Cosby style***

I am so excited.

I have yet to try out the nightlife here, but I heard its pretty nice. I just realized that my college nightlife was kinda boring. I mean, I definitely had fun, but we didn’t really do anything particularly mind-blowing…. just floated between one another’s houses and drank.

Well, the alcohol made it seem fun.

I don’t know about going out this weekend like that, I have a test next Tuesday, and failing is not an option. We’ll see how much peer pressure I will have to withstand. Hopefully, its a lot and I will have to succumb lol….




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