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I have soooo been meaning to update. And I guess it hasn’t been THAT long since my last post, but let me tell you. Medical school is like a non-stop…. obligation!

I just started classes last Monday, and my first test is this Tuesday. In addition to studying (and this is a real test, not a “let’s ease you in/ give you some time to adjust” type test), we have orientation meetings, community service obligations, K.I.T. with friends and family and feed myself with some kind of regularity. I have yet to completely move into my house (my roommate and kinda just camp out on the living floor to study/ watch TV lol). Then you have to be social, as you are constantly making first impressions and you don’t want negative ones to follow you for the next 4 years. I still don’t know HOW I’m going to incorporate cooking into my daily routine as I’m in class from 8-5 every day (yes, antiquated… I know).

But really though, med school has been fun. I love my medical school class for the most part, and as I said in my last post, Chicago is an amazing city. I found this jerk chicken place down the street that I love, and on Saturday I went to a birthday party for one of the 2nd year students at this club downtown. Let me tell you, that night was just so crazy/fun/ funny on so many different levels.

I graduated from an HBCU so I am not too experience with partying with white ppl. Neither is my roommate, but primarily because she moved Oklahoma from Nigeria when she was 17 and apparently there’s not much clubbing going on there lol. Anyways, white people love to party. And they have no shame in dancing even though, quite simply, they can’t lol. Also, they can get away with so much stuff that black people can’t…. like, you know how black guys will barely move their feet or their body while dancing. Why were all these white boys wiggling their hips, waving their hands, and (lmao) practically break dancing???? I was DYING.

But it was a good time.

I have to pack it in and get some sleep…. I have class at 9am tomorrow morning, and I still have a bunch of studying to do so tomorrow’s gonna be another long nite.

God bless!!!!



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