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I am so tired. Work has been very draining lately. We have inspectors coming in, meaning, everybody works extra hard to try and do all the work they SHOULD have been doing for the past 3 moths in a span of 2 days. Its so ludicrous to me because office goes through this every 3 months or so. At least. Its ridiculous. Seriously, people need to get fired.

I am still searching to find a house. At first I entered the search really excited about the prospect of finding this cute little flat in the middle of the city, you know…. finally I was going to realize all my dreams of that Sex and the Cityesque kind of life, but that died. Now I just want to find a place and get on to thinking about more important things, like whether or not I want to buy a dog, and how to pay for my trip to Miami.

(15 more days. I…. can’t… wait.)

This is the spot we’re staying in:

Isn\'t it purty? Living room area.... omg we are gonna party soo hard.....

The pool....

Makes me wish I could swim.....

6 ppl.... 2 beds.

I found this one review about the place from “Timmy”:

“Very noisy with low class cliente (umm… okay.) If you don’t mind loud music by the pool (sounds sexy!) and it running into your room with neighbors partying all night long (sounds fun!) this is the place for you. I think that it is great that they have programs for the kids, however, not at the cost of peace and quiet. Don’t expect to get much sleep in while staying here ( uhh…. I wasn’t. But question, who really comes to South Beach to sleep?).”

Now, I really feel bad that Timmy and his family didn’t get the experience that they were looking for…. really, I do. But I am excited!

I know, the place isn’t exactly the Waldorf-Astoria, but I believe that it will serve our purposes well. I mean, its located right in the middle of South Beach. Not to knock Timmy or anything, but next time you take the kids to Florida for good clean family fun, try Orlando. Real talk.

Anyways, back to apt. shopping (ugh) I ran across this spot thats $900/mo for 2 people, furnished (except for the 2nd bedroom) and 2 blocks away from school. I saw the pics on line, and its actually very pretty. Sounds like a steal, right? But if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I talked to the realtor and he seems like a nice guy, but I’m just not sure about him. Anyways, I hit up the future roomie, and she seems down, so maybe I can finish this search once and for all.

By the way…. I’m scheduled for a raise at work (yes!). This is right in time for school shopping….. I think I will make my next post about how I plan to FRUGALLY prepare for the rigors of a Chicago winter.

Goodnight, my love.



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